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What document formats are required for each Aggregator?


  • Smashwords requires 1 format only – DOC (.docx is not a recognised format for Smashwords) . You can load an epub instead of a DOC HOWEVER your book will not be converted to other formats and will therefore not ship to all available stores.
  • Kindle requires 1 of the following formats – DOC or HTML –  HTML is the best option if you have many fonts and images – the images are more likely to stay exactly where you want them when you use HTML.
  • Pothi requires 2 formats (an EPUB and a DOC or PDF)
  • Lulu requires 1 of the following – DOC, PDF or DOCX
  • Xinxii requires an epub
  • Scribd requires a DOC or PDF
  • Google Play requires a PDF and an EPUB
  • Apple iStore requires an EPUB
  • Barnes & Noble requires an EPUB
  • Kobo requires a DOC or PDF

Print On Demand (POD)

For print on demand one requires a book formatted to the correct industry sizing. You can submit a DOC or PDF formatted document.

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